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Express Scheduling

If you’re over 50 and haven’t had a colonoscopy, take advantage of the Express Scheduling Option offered through Endoscopy Center of Delaware’s affiliated practices. By scheduling directly with the physician practices, you see a Board Certified specialist at our center and have your procedure on the same day. This saves time by eliminating an additional office visit, and, if you have a co-pay, it may reduce your out-of-pocket cost for exactly the same care and quality treatment.

So there’s no reason to delay your procedure, and with our Express Scheduling Option, there’s no need to wait at all. Please call one of the physician offices below to schedule an appointment and get more information.

  • Dr. David Beswick: (302) 738-5300
  • Dr. Warren Butt: (302) 738-5300
  • Dr. Dinu Cherian (302) 738- 5300
  • Dr. Mark Corso: (302) 738-5300
  • Dr. Fedele DePalma (302) 738-5300
  • Dr. Donald Girard: (302) 633-5755
  • Dr. Irfan Hisamuddin: (302) 738-5300
  • Dr. Vandana Long: (302) 738-5300
  • Dr. Nathan Merriman: (302) 738-5300
  • Dr. Ashesh Modi: (302) 738-5300
  • Dr. Sarina Pasricha: (302) 738-5300